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With Sustainaway we offer you a way to travel sustainably. We select sustainable transport options, unique accommodations and activities with which you are guaranteed to experience something new. And all this climate neutral.

What we stand for

Our promises

We work with local entrepreneurs

In this way we ensure a low footprint and support the local population.

Personal travel tips

During your trip you will receive tips to make your trip even more enjoyable.

We compensate your CO2 emissions

We keep CO2 emissions as low as possible. We compensate for any remaining CO2.

We always choose the most sustainable option

When organizing your trip, we always choose the most sustainable option.

Safe & Transparent

We show you exactly what the CO2 footprint is of your trip and how we compensate for it.

Unique places

No standard destinations, but unique places with their own story.

Who are we?

Our philosophy

This is Sustainaway

Behind Sustainaway you will find a young team that likes to get out and about. We love climbing holidays, swimming in slightly too dirty waters and the occasional beer too much in a strange city. At the same time, we are all aware of the climate impact of our long-distance travel, which has prompted us to look for new ways to continue exploring in a responsible manner.

Our Commitments

With sustainability as the main motivation, this element can of course not be missed in the preparation. That is why we ensure that we also make the greenest choices behind the scenes. For example, we are at a sustainable bank ( hello Triodos! ), our interior is second-hand and the low CO2 emissions of our team are compensated by Regreener !




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Our team

Meet The Team

Rebecca Silva dos Santos
Co-founder | CEO
Liz Möhlmann
Social media
Rosalie van der Stege
Managing director
Mark ten Pierik
B2B contact
Peter Dragstra
Guus Beerlage
Boyd Belshof

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