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Are you looking for a new way to rent out your accommodation to a target group concerned with sustainability and interested in local tourism?

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About Sustainaway

At Sustainaway we are committed to sustainable tourism. We tell the stories of local entrepreneurs and small-scale stays. Do you believe in sustainable tourism and do you have something unique to offer your guests? Read more about what it means to join Sustainaway!

We regularly hear that people would like to go on holiday more sustainably, but are not sure how. With Sustainaway we therefore offer travelers and holidaymakers a way to travel sustainably. On our platform you will therefore find everything you need to put together a green journey. We select sustainable transport options, unique accommodations and activities with which you are guaranteed to experience something new. We also offer package tours. This way, our holidaymakers can immediately book an entire trip.

Our trips are composed with the local environment and nature in mind, with the aim of giving the customer a unique travel experience. We are therefore always looking for local entrepreneurs who want to tell their story.

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Are you also convinced of the importance of sustainability in the travel industry? Connect your accommodation, unique stay or campsite to our platform! We provide a wider reach, an extra sales channel and a unique way to tell the story of your accommodation.

Like any travel platform, we charge a small commission to cover our costs. We use this to highlight your accommodation and use marketing tools such as advertising and social media. As we are in the first phase of our platform, we will benefit from economies of scale in the future. However, that doesn’t mean we will increase our margins (as large platforms have done). We strive for a fair way of tourism and hope to reduce our margins in the future!

Not sure if your stay is suitable for our community? In our guidelines for sustainable tourism , we tell you more about the criteria we use to see whether a stay matches our vision. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you!

Are you considering joining us but have doubts or questions? Let us know and we will look at the possibilities together and answer your questions!

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