Traveling with a map in 2022 | Is that still possible?

travel map

You probably remember the holidays as a child: sitting in the back of the car with a puzzle book or coloring page while your parents mapped out the way to the campsite or the holiday park with the help of a map. Navigating with a map is not for everyone, but it is still a bit of nostalgia and something we sometimes miss these days with our direct access to a navigation app on our phones. Do you want to go back to basics or experience the nostalgic feeling again? Traveling with a map is still possible in 2022, and will undoubtedly lead to a surprising trip!

An ode to the map

In the past, a paper map was used to find a vacation spot or to map out a route. Without a smartphone with pictures of the destination, every place became a surprise; after all, you didn’t know exactly what the destination would look like. Using the map, you could brainstorm all possible routes, find secluded beaches and think about all the sights to visit along the way. Being on the road became a great adventure, and the anticipation was an important part of that! With the rise of navigation systems and various maps apps, some of the adventure has disappeared. After all, this made getting lost almost impossible, but that is also one of the biggest drawbacks. Because what could be more fun than getting lost in a small village or a beautiful nature reserve?

On the road with a map

If you still regularly travel to places that are difficult to reach, you will recognize the satisfied feeling: at the end of the day, take a look at the map and see exactly which route you have taken, where you are now and where you can still go. A road map helps you put distances in perspective, giving you a much better understanding of the route and the distances you will cover. Traveling with a map also contributes to the deep travel phenomenon, where you visit places in a more conscious way and absorb them.

How do you still travel with a map in 2022?

Do you want to look up the adventure again by traveling with a map? Then you can even start with this new hobby in the Netherlands! For example, buy a map of the Pieterpad: the most famous long-distance walking route in the Netherlands. During this route of no less than 500 kilometers you walk right through the Netherlands. You start in Pieterburen and end in Maastricht. With the help of a map you can easily guide yourself throughout the country! Along the way you can spend the night at various local places, a perfect way to travel sustainably ! Do you not know what to do with the map after the time? Sell or donate it if it is still in good condition, or mark the route you have traveled and use the paper map as decoration in your interior!