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Groningen – also called Grönnen, or Grunnen – is one of the twelve provinces, located in the north of the Netherlands. The province has 586,061 inhabitants, more than a quarter of whom live in the capital Groningen. The official language is Dutch and Low Saxon, also known as Gronings.

With your bare feet in the clay of the vast polders? Or sail past seals? The space in sustainable Groningen is wealth. It is not for nothing that it is said “nothing beats Groningen.” In this blog you can read the hotspots when it comes to sustainability in Groningen.

Tips to discover sustainability in Groningen


When it comes to sustainability Groningen, Wildfarming is the place to be. For years you will find a select number of beans here, ranging from known and unknown varieties from different areas around the world. You will find dry beans, the Frisian yellow forest bean and the forgotten Reade Krobbe here, but the well-known green beans can also be found at Wildfarming. You can pick up the products of the Wildfarming at the market in Groningen.

At Waldfarming , the beans are grown and tested, as written, simply in the Netherlands. The legumes therefore no longer have to be imported from abroad. The results of the cultivated beans are tasted by chefs. After approval, the legumes are multiplied and you can taste them yourself!

The New Way

Manja Detemeyer founded the natural food store De Nieuwe Weg in 1981. The aim of De Nieuwe Weg is to improve the way we deal with the environment and to encourage slow food. You will find the Nieuweweg at the Nieuweweg 5. If you want to discover Groningen sustainably, De Nieuwe Weg is the hotspot to visit.

You will find about 2800 organic products here. In addition, environmentally friendly products are also sold, such as recycling paper, quickly degradable cleaning products and cruelty-free cosmetics. De Nieuwe Weg also supports two educational projects in Ecuador. The money raised from the sale of the Tagua figurines is used for schools on the coast.


Are you looking for a restaurant in Groningen? Achterwerk is vegan fine cuisine for everyone. Here you will experience a completely vegan dining experience in a relaxed informal atmosphere. Don’t forget to take a look at Behind. You will find a roof terrace at the back of the restaurant. This terrace is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting. The address of Achterwerk is Oosterstraat 13a.

We work with a so-called surprise menu. As a result, less food is wasted and it is always a surprise what you get. Much of the food on your plate is locally sourced and adapted to the season. You can choose from a four or five course menu.

The Herbivore

De Herbivore is an organic and vegan daytime restaurant, founded by Karien and Jochem. In addition to being entrepreneurs, both are also cooks. Herbivore is located at 59 Gedempte Zuiderdiep. The restaurant if you want to discover sustainability in Groningen in a relaxed way.

The ingredients in the dishes that are prepared are exclusively of organic origin. Fruit and vegetables are seasonal as much as possible. You can go to Herbivore for fresh salads, burgers, wraps, pancakes, soup and pastries.

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