What is the best electric bike for the mountains?

With the arrival of the e-bike, the possibilities for cycling in the mountains have increased considerably. Both with new and second-hand electric bikes you can now ride in the mountains. Nevertheless, there is still a lot to do when cycling in the mountains with an e-bike. Which bike is the best to take?

Cycling in the mountains

With a regular bike you can forget about touring in the mountains. Until the arrival of the e-bike, the road bike was the best option. Now that the electric bike is available, we can still cycle in, for example, the Black Forest or the Ardennes. Due to the extra support, the mountainous cycle paths can also be taken. This means that a completely new world of cycling trips opens up for you.

The battery

An indispensable element of the electric bike is the battery. In the mountains you absolutely need a good battery. This does not mean that you immediately have to purchase the latest e-bike. Second-hand electric bikes also have excellent working batteries. In the mountains it is not so much about the distance, but about the height. Your battery must therefore be able to handle a certain number of altimeters. So remember to plan your mountain ride well. It is not the intention that your battery is halfway empty. You could possibly choose to bring a second battery, but this is extra weight that you take with you.

How does cycling uphill go?

In the flat Netherlands, cycling with support is a breeze. You cycle lightly and comfortably relatively long distances. In the mountains it is a bit different. If you go up a mountainside, you have to pedal fairly hard, even with the electric bike. Of course you have it less difficult because of the support, but remember that you do have to make an effort. You will not reach the maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour, but somewhere around 20 kilometers per hour is certainly possible. That is the same speed as a professional cyclist.

How do you go down?

Have you rounded the top, as it is so beautifully called in cycling terms? Then the descent awaits you. This is a bit of a watch out with an electric bike. In principle, you hardly have to use your support anymore, because you already get extra speed by descending. Realize that an e-bike is a lot heavier than a road bike because of the electric motor and the battery. As a result, the speed during the descent can be quite high and that is very dangerous. So be careful while descending. In the valley itself, you cycle in the same way as on the Dutch cycle paths.

The best e-bike for the mountains

It is best to ride in the mountains with an electric bike equipped with a mid-engine. E-bikes with a front-wheel or rear-wheel motor have much more difficulty getting up the mountain. In fact, if such an engine gets too hot, it just stops. A mid-engine can’t overheat, so you can keep cycling uphill. In addition, a mid-engine has a high torque, which means that it has a relatively large amount of pulling power. The best electric bike for the mountains is therefore a bicycle with a powerful mid-engine and a good battery.