Buy a train ticket in Germany: in June, July and August for only 9 euros!

Buy train ticket Germany

Haven’t made any holiday plans yet? Or holiday plans made in Germany? This summer you can travel through Germany by regional train for a month for 9 euros. The sale started on 23 May and the train ticket is for sale via the website of the German railways. The measure is taken to accommodate households because of the sharply increased energy prices due to, among other things, the war in Ukraine.

How can you buy your train ticket for travelling in Germany?

In the months of June, July and August you can travel all over Germany for a month for 9 euros by regional train. Please note, because the ticket is only valid for one calendar month, from the first day at 00:00 to the last day of the same month at 23:59. The ticket is only valid for regional trains. Long-distance trains and buses such as ICE’s and Intercity’s are excluded. In addition, the ticket is only valid for travel in 2nd class.

You can buy a ticket via the website , but also via the German ticket machines. The ticket is only valid in Germany on regional trains. Are you travelling to Germany from the Netherlands? Then you need an additional ticket.

With a train ticket through Germany: the most beautiful routes

Via the Site of the Deutsche Bahn you can easily plan your train trip in Germany. By clicking on transport choice you can uncheck the trains that are excluded from the promotion. This way you can be sure that you only drive with regional trains / buses.

Germany has a lot of nice, beautiful and historic cities. For example, go for a tour through Germany via Bremen, Hamburg, Berlin, Leipzig, Würzburg and Cologne. Keep in mind that with the train everything takes a bit longer than with the plane so make sure you have enough time. Don’t have that much time? Then you can also go for an overnight stay or day in Germany.

Routes for your train journey through Germany

We have described for you two routes that are possible through Germany to help you on your way.

Lower Saxony

If you have a little more time and you can travel a bit further, then this route through Lower Saxony is something for you. From the Netherlands you travel to Wuster Nordseeküste. Here you can get a breath of fresh air on one of the few beaches by the sea in Germany. From here you continue your journey to Bad Zwischenahn. Here you will find a modern apartment on the water, where you can relax during a walk in the adjacent forest. Fully equipped? Then you can still visit the city of Bremen. This is where you pass by when you travel to the next destination. We travel to Warmsen, where you can spend the night in a safari tent. Nearby are many possibilities for geocaching, there is also a heated outdoor swimming pool nearby. After this train journey you will end your journey in Wildemann. From Wildemann you could continue your journey in North Rhine-Westphalia or choose to return home via Münster.

North Rhine-Westphalia

When you go by train from the Netherlands to Germany you can travel to Dortmund to spend your first day. If you are bored in Dortmund you can spend the night in a town near Dortmund, namely Iserlohn or Menden. Here you can spend the night in an attractive farm or sustainable bungalow. From here you can travel on to Eslohe. The surroundings here are beautiful and the idyllic village is close to several lakes. Wonderful to escape from all the hustle and bustle. From Eslohe you can travel further to Cologne or Bonn; two beautiful cities that are definitely worth a visit. If you still want to spend the night in the area, it is recommended to travel a bit further to Hürtgenwald-Vossenack. Here is a lovely holiday home where you have the opportunity to discover the area together with the owners. They are forest guides and host of the National Park. After you have relaxed here in nature, you can continue the journey towards the Netherlands.

On our site there are many nice destinations and accommodations to make your Germany trip complete. What are you waiting for? Go buy your train ticket, Germany is waiting for you!