Want to make your accommodation more sustainable? You can take these 9 steps.

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in tourism, but how do you deal with this and what can you do as an accommodation to become more sustainable? We have listed a number of tips for you.

Give furniture a second life

Luxury does not necessarily have to be ‘new’. Nowadays there are many possibilities to buy second-hand furniture, without you seeing that the product is second-hand. By giving furniture a second life, you extend the life of the product. As a result, nothing new has to be made and you save raw materials, energy and waste. Collaborations with, for example, the art academy or young artists also give a special touch to your stay. There are several artists who use natural or reused materials for new furniture. This results in considerable environmental benefits. And let’s face it, how cool is it to have real design furniture?

Green electricity

Green electricity is an important step towards sustainability. This ensures less CO2 emissions because there is no use of fossil fuels involved. With green electricity, for example, you can think of installing solar panels. This converts solar energy into electricity. A solar water heater is also a good environmentally friendly option. This ensures that sunlight is used to heat water. A heat pump is also a good option. This extracts heat from the air, soil or groundwater. It is an alternative to a gas central heating boiler.


The easiest way to become more sustainable is to properly insulate your accommodation. By insulating well, you need less energy to heat or cool your home. Good insulation methods include the use of triple glazing, floor insulation, roof insulation and cavity wall insulation.

Water-saving taps

Another simple solution to make it more sustainable is to use water-saving taps. A water-saving tap and a water-saving shower head can ensure that less water is used on an annual basis. Separate parts are available for this so that you do not have to replace your entire shower or faucet.

LED lighting

Replace your lighting with LED lamps. These are energy efficient and nowadays available in all kinds of colors. There is also LED lighting available that can be controlled with your phone or remote control. Have you left home but forgot to turn off the lights? Via your phone you can still turn off the lights or set them to a timer.

Green roof

Do you have the opportunity to create a green roof? Then this is a very good way to work sustainably. The green roof has a buffer function in case of rainfall. This reduces the working flows of water by up to 45% and reduces the load on your sewer system. A green roof also extends the life of the roof by preventing erosion. Do you have the option of a green roof and solar panels? Then you can combine it perfectly! A green roof increases the efficiency of solar panels because the presence lowers the temperature on the roof, making the solar panels work more efficiently.

Local and regional food

Do you offer breakfast, lunch or dinner at the accommodation? Then think about the type of food you serve and choose local ingredients. Local products are better for farmers, climate, environment and nature, but also for the economy. In addition, local and regional food requires a shorter transport route, which means that there are fewer CO2 emissions. But also think of seasonal dishes. If you eat with the season, less energy is often used to grow the crops. Do you want to get the best out of it? Then you can also grow your own vegetables, fruit and herbs at the property.

Reducing waste

Stop offering small plastic shampoo, conditioner and body lotion bottles. It looks nice, but creates unnecessary waste. Instead, you can use large dispensers that can be used for longer periods of time and replenished when empty.

More trees

A tree captures the most CO2 compared to other plants. By planting many trees, CO2 can therefore be captured from the air. In addition, trees also provide many nice cooling spots in the summer.

With these tips you make your accommodation more sustainable and contribute to a better environment and the future of sustainable travel. Do you have a green accommodation that you would like to offer with us? Then become a Sustainaway partner!