Hotspots Enschede – The 6 places you should not miss

hotspots enschede

Enschede, located in the far east of Twente, was known as a real working-class city. Hard workers who had nothing in particular visited Enschede and built up a livelihood there under bad conditions. Enschede currently has 160,000 inhabitants and approximately 160 different nationalities. It is not for nothing that the city is in the top 12 of the best student cities. More than 30,000 students are currently studying at Saxion University of Applied Sciences, the University of Twente, the ArtEZ conservatory or the AKI.

In this blog we will introduce you to the top 5 hotspots in Enschede. Ranging from restaurants and the city park to a cool concept store where more than 80 entrepreneurs are located.

Hotspots Enschede – The top 6 best places

Van Doorn & Doorn

One of the Enschede hotspots can be found in the Roombeek district. Since 2018 you can go to Van Doorn & Doorn for delicious breakfast, lunch or a delicious coffee. The menu is divided into the comfort zone and the danger zone. Something for everyone, if you like healthy quilty pleasures.

For example, there is a healthy version of the schnitzel on the menu . The healthy schnitzel is made from aubergine, tomato salsa with feta, mint and a homemade focaccia! A large part of the dishes on the menu is vegetarian or vegan. So for a sustainable meal you can stop by here when you visit the Roombeek district.

Museum cafe Mister Rozendaal

In the same district as Van Doorn & Doorn you will find Museumcafé Meneer Rozendaal, located in the Museumfabriek. Rijksmuseum Twenthe and De Museumfabriek can call themselves the largest in the east of the country. While the Rijksmuseum Twenthe focuses on art exhibitions, De Museumfabriek focuses on a combination of culture, art, technology and science. Where past, present and future are connected with each other.

The Museumcafé Meneer Rozendaal has put together an offer with local entrepreneurs and suppliers. Responsible products are used: beautiful, fair trade (honest) and natural. Food and drinks can be consumed on location as well as to-go. You do not need an entrance ticket to stay here. The museum café is also a great place to work. There is free WiFi.

The People’s Park

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city? Then go and take a look at the Volkspark , located on the Parkweg. The nice thing about the Volkspark is that it is close to the center. This way you can make a good combination between nature and the bustle of the city during your visit. In the summer, the park is also a breeding ground for art & culture and you will find various festivals.

Very special!

Very Special is a unique combination of a lunchroom and interior store in one. Everything you see is for sale. In addition, everything served is made by hand. You will find Very Special at De Heurne. Not only is the combination of a lunchroom and interior store special, but the employees also deserve a special mention in this article. Only people with a distance to the labor market who want to prepare themselves better for the future work here.

For example, there are people who are covered by the Sickness Benefit Act, people in the WIA or WAJONG who are willing and able to work, students who still have too little experience on the labor market and people with an indication for daytime activities. Very Special is definitely worth a visit!

The Twente Food Hall

The Twentsche Foodhal , located on the Hoge Bothofstraat, has a surface area of 1000 m². Entrepreneurs have joined forces here and brought together eight different kitchens under one roof.

Surprising fair trade and local products form the basis of the Foodhal concept. Here the rule applies that the ingredients are harvested or kept a maximum of 40 kilometers away. Besides the good food, you will also find 16 different beers on tap. A good combination for a great experience!

Concept store The Upperside

Concept store The Upperside , located in the Haverstraatpassage, is a concept store that will surprise you.

In the concept store, various concepts are brought together under one roof.
For example, the Conceptstore The Upperside has two hairdressers, a skate shop and a store section. The store section sells products from creative entrepreneurs. There are currently 80 entrepreneurs located in the concept store The Upperside.

Green Vibrations Festival

Are you by chance in Enschede in the spring? Then you might be able to experience the unique Green Vibrations Festival ! At the festival you will find a unique mix of artistic craziness, various stages that offer you music from the most diverse musical styles, and a glimpse into the relaxed underground scene of this student city.

This green festival is, as the name implies, completely green. For example, disposable cups are not used, but you will receive your own festival cup upon arrival that you can use for the rest of the festival. Recycled materials are also used for the decoration and the festival wants to operate completely energy neutral in a few years’ time by using smart technologies.

Curious about these hotspots in Enschede? Come and spend the night in Overijssel quickly and discover all the ins and outs of this province!

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