Hotspots Friesland – The nicest places in the north!

hotspots friesland

Friesland has a long coastline that stretches along the IJsselmeer and the Wadden Sea. The official languages spoken in Friesland are Dutch and Frisian. Friesland currently has a population of more than 650,000. Friesland is originally known for its pronounced agricultural character. This is mainly due to livestock farming and the associated dairy industry in the province. Tourism is an important source of income, especially in the summer months.

Are you planning to visit Friesland? In this blog you can read the top 5 Instagram hotspot Friesland for lunch.

Hotspots Friesland – The top 5 nicest places to have lunch

1. BY-Kees

One of the hotspots in Friesland that you don’t want to miss is BY-Kees . This lunch spot is located at Vleesmarkt 10 in Heerenveen. You can come here for breakfast and lunch from Tuesday to Saturday. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday you can also go there for dinner. Purity, passion and experience is what BY-Kees is known for. This is reflected in both the interior and the menu.

On the menu you will find lunch dishes with an extra twist, homemade sweets and an extensive high tea. Do you have allergies? Then you are at the right place at BY-Kees. At the bottom of the menu you will find a legend with all important information. For example, there is a symbol for gluten-free, vegetarian and nuts. The food and drinks can be consumed on location as well as to-go. It is even possible to have your lunch delivered at home. In addition, BY-Kees is a great place to work. There is free Wi-Fi and there are plenty of power outlets to charge your device.

2. The Cook

De Koken is one of those hotspots in Friesland where you will not go if you have not received a tip from someone about its existence. Located at Ulbe Twijnstrawei 31 in Akkrum, you will find the tropical harbor terrace on the water, which is open in the summer months. Sling yourself in a hammock, linger on the lounge sofa or sink into the beach chairs. Did you know that when you visit De Koken it is also possible to rent a sloop for an afternoon or go out on the lakes in a canoe? It is best to book in advance to avoid disappointment. On the menu you will find breakfast, lunch, various sweets, pizza, flammkuchen and snacks. Would you like to visit De Koken? Check the website prior to your visit to make sure it’s open.

3. Organic At Jansen

In Leeuwarden you will find Bio Bij Jansen : a trendy supermarket slash coffee corner where you will not only find organic ingredients, but also vegan delicacies. Are you also looking for new cosmetics? Then you will find the best eco-friendly options here. So settle down for a cup of coffee and something sweet, and in the meantime make your shopping list while being inspired by the cool decor. This building used to serve as a warehouse for a transport company and was later converted into a pharmacy. If you look closely, you can still see this history today.

4. Picnics

Do you already know the hotspot Friesland Picnickers ? This Frisian hotspot is located on the Sneekermeer next to the bridge on the Utbuorren 54 in Terherne. The outdoors here comes together with other good things in life such as homemade food and drinks, a beautiful natural environment by the water and your friends and family around you. The menu includes special coffees, breakfast, dinners, sandwiches and to-go products. An example of a supplier that Picnickers works with is Natuurtuin Hummelhûs: a new supplier that supplies organic and unsprayed fruit and vegetables. Want to relax in a hot tub at sunset? That too is possible! Watch the setting sun completely in the open air with a view over the Sneekermeer.

5. dr. Plant

Time for a little plant detox? Then race directly to dr. Plant in Leeuwarden. You will find it within walking distance of the center and the station. At this Friesland hotspot you will find a wide range of the tastiest plant-based dishes. For example, choose the Pecan Truffle Burger Menu, Dr Goulash with Rice or the Oreo Brownie bar. Please note that you cannot sit inside at this spot. If it rains, you better go for a to-go option!

If you are in Friesland, these five places are definitely worth a visit! Also check out the best places to spend the night in Friesland !