Inspirational podcast about sustainability | Our top 5!

podcast about sustainability

What do you do when you are not traveling, or when you are traveling and need some distraction along the way? A book is often the answer to this question, but what do you do if you suffer from motion sickness or don’t have any books with you? Then you listen to a podcast!

With the emergence of various podcast apps such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Luminary, podcasts have become very popular in a short time. From complete shows to short fragments: in the field of podcasts, there is something for everyone. Also in the field of sustainability there is an – almost – overwhelming offer these days. In this article we share our top 5 inspiring podcasts about sustainability.

5 x the best podcast about sustainability

Plant Proof

Have you been toying with the idea of eating more plant-based foods for a while? Then Simon Hill’s Plant Proof podcast is a must. In his podcast Simon interviews all kinds of guests who have a message in the field of nutrition. He has discussions with various medical specialists, nutrition experts and scientists, among others. Simon himself has a background in nutrition and physiotherapy, which means he looks at the various topics with a well-founded view.

Climate Rising

This Harvard Business School podcast provides a platform for various thinkers to share ideas and discuss the best solutions to the climate problem. The podcast takes a broad look at climate change. There are also episodes about the link with capitalism, realizing sustainable tourism , creating a marketplace for carbon and designing a resilient future for people and the planet.

The Green Quest

In this podcast by BNR, Harm Edens dives into the world of sustainable innovations that can really change our future. Which companies really have green ambitions and what are they doing to realize them? Harm, for example, looks at companies such as Smyle, Grown.Bio and X-ROOF. Curious about what sustainable changes these companies have achieved? Then quickly listen to the podcast!

A Sustainable Mind

Need a dose of inspiration to take green steps? In Marjorie Alexander’s podcast, sustainability is discussed in all facets of society. For example, Marjorie speaks with film makers, looks at plastic renewal technologies and dives into the world of sustainable fashion. All in all, a podcast that never gets boring and always manages to tell you something new!

The Minimalists Podcast

Known from the documentary of the same name , the two minimalists can now also be found in the podcast world. Here they continue to share their message: minimalist living wins. The two hosts investigate all ways to live as happily as possible with as little stuff as possible. A selection from the range: how do you have awkward conversations, what do you give a minimalist for his birthday, and which essential items are indispensable even for minimalists? In short: an entertaining and informative podcast from which we can all get the necessary tips.

Where do you listen to your favorite podcast about sustainability?

These days, you can find your favorite podcasts almost anywhere. For Apple users there is Apple Podcasts, with other phone brands you can go to Spotify. More and more exclusive podcast networks are also being launched, such as Luminary. Behind the paywall you will also find exclusive podcasts from, among others, Russell Brand. Would you rather see who is talking? More and more podcasters are also launching a video version on Youtube!

Which podcast about sustainability is at the top of your list?