A visit to Bargerveen | The most beautiful routes


Veenland Bargerveen is located in the farthest corner of Drenthe, on the border with Germany. This area is one of the largest raised bogs in the Netherlands. The raised bog was excavated in previous centuries to extract peat. At the time, they also called the peat the “brown gold”. When coal was mined in the 20th century, peat extraction declined. This extreme corner in Drenthe – the Bargerveen – has therefore been preserved.

For nature lovers, this is the perfect place and an absolute must-see. In this preserved piece of Veenland you will find all kinds of nature and many different kinds of animals and plants. You will also find a watchtower right on the border with Germany. From this tower you can enjoy the beautiful view and you might spot one of the many animals that live there!

In this blog we give you tips about walking in Bargerveen (including a walking route in Bargerveen) and the options for cycling routes in Bargerveen!

Tips for your visit

Bicycle route Bargerveen

Are you looking for a cycling route in Bargerveen? Then you probably need the bikes too! You could rent these at bicycle shops in Weiteveen or Zwartemeer. You could also rent E-choppers in Weiteveen to drive through the nature reserve. Many cycling opportunities have been created in the nature reserve so that you can explore them at a fast pace without affecting nature.

In the area there are no fewer than 28 cycling nodes that you can follow. Take, for example, junction 65 Barger-Compascuum. Your starting point for this cycling route Bargerveen is the Veenpark. You will come across nostalgic villages on this route with a baker, clog maker, peat cutter and grocer.

Walking route Bargerveen

Walking in Bargerveen is highly recommended. For example, you can start with the Sheepfold. It is the largest sheepfold in the Netherlands for natural grazing! In addition, it also features a very innovative design. Solar panels and a peat roof have been placed on top of the roof. The solar panels provide the required energy and the peat roof ensures that it remains nice and cool in the summer. So completely green!

On the route you will also encounter many Schoonebeek heath sheep. The Schoonebeek sheep are a rare Dutch breed of sheep and therefore extra fun to spot during your Bargerveen walking route.

Then walk one of the many walking routes in Bargerveen by following the signs and end up at restaurant de Wollegras. The restaurant is named after a plant that grows a lot in the Bargerveen. The wool grass is also called peat fluff. Restaurant Wollegras is open from Monday to Wednesday from 10 am to 6 pm and from Thursday to Sunday from 10 am to 8 pm. Here you can enjoy a cup of coffee, salads, soup or sandwiches. You can also go here for dinner. Daniek and her team provide dishes prepared with quality local ingredients. You can take a seat on the terrace to enjoy the beautiful view one more time.

In addition to the landscaped paths, there are also several forest trails that you can walk on. This way you have a place around the entire Veenland where you can start walking. Take a different walking route in Bargerveen every time and be surprised by the different types of nature you will encounter in the area!

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