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Close to the Ardennes, the Les Haute Fagnes nature reserve and the Meuse that meanders through the region: Liège is the ideal base to discover northeastern Belgium. If you are going on a Liège holiday, make sure you taste a Liège waffle! In addition to beautiful nature, you will also find characteristic antique markets and museums: the region breathes culture. Discover it all during your sustainaway in Liège!

The best accommodations


€ 287.42

per night

Medendorf Hotels,
This large group accommodation has a beautiful view. The house is wheelchair friendly and suitable for young and old. For children there is plenty of space to play. There is a barbecue in the garden to ensure pleasant evenings. Nearby is a river where you can swim and water sports can be practiced.


€ 99

per night

The bungalow can accommodate up to four people. Nearby are the towns of Spa and Malmedy. The garden that surrounds the house is 4000 square meters and has a wide variety of shrubs and trees.


€ 64.53

per night

Burg Reuland,
The cottage which can accommodate four people is located close to several cycling/hiking routes. Furthermore, the cottage is equipped with all necessary amenities. Furthermore, it has a beautiful location among the trees, which ensures that you can catch your breath again.
The accommodation is wonderfully located in nature and on the waterfront. It is ideal for the nature lover, hiker or cyclist. Beavers can be regularly spotted about 300 meters away. The garden is also home to many species of birds and there is a switch that foxes, badgers and deer, among others, use.


€ 240

per night

In this luxury group accommodation you can relax with your friend or family. On the 4000 square meter landscape you can have fun with various activities. If that wasn’t enough there is also indoor pool, sauna and in the hot tub/jaccuzi.

Curious about Liège?

Taste the cozy atmosphere during your Liège holiday

The city of Liège, in French Liège, is a Walloon city in the province of the same name. The city has about 190,000 inhabitants, making it one of the largest cities in Belgium. Its location on the Maas gives the city character. In the past, Liège was mainly an industrial city: in the 20th century, the center of Liège was completely dominated by the mining and steel industry. You can still see this in the city today, which has changed a lot, however. In recent years, the city has become increasingly popular with tourists. A Liège holiday is therefore not a bad idea at all. Find out what you can do here!

A weekend away in Liège (Belgium): what to do?

Liège hotspots

Liège is the right place for traditional beautiful buildings such as churches. You have the Cathedral Saint-Paul, a large, spacious cathedral inside and out. With its location right in the center of the city, it is also not to be missed. You also have the Saint-Jacques church in Liège. Again a really large church, with a neatly finished exterior. The church is characterized by the dark color. Another great place to visit during a Liège holiday is the Liège-Guillemins train station. Where Antwerp has a more classic train station, Liège has a beautiful modern train station. Definitely one of the most beautiful train stations in Belgium.

A special attraction that you should not miss during your holiday in Liège is the Montagne de Bueren. This street has a length of 260 meters and rises steeply. After climbing 375 steps you will be rewarded with a cool view over the city! Fortunately, during your Liège holiday you no longer have to wonder: what to do in Liège (Belgium)?

Looking for nature during your holiday in Liège

Liège has two beautiful nature reserves. The avid walker or cyclist will have a great time here. In the east of the province you will find the Hoge Venen-Eifel nature reserve. There are several lakes in this peat area and you can enjoy a beautiful view of the vast landscape. It is also the largest nature reserve in Belgium.

More nature during your Liège holiday? Visit the special Haspengouw landscape. Located in the west of the province, you will also find the beautiful Botanic Garden of Pitet, where you can enjoy a walk. So you don’t have to sit still during your holiday in Liège, there is plenty of nature to admire!

Visit the famous Sunday market Liège Belgium

Marché de la Batte is the largest Sunday market in Liège. In Belgium you will find many markets throughout the country, but this is the largest antique market. Liege, Belgium has another antiques market. For example, you have the market on the Boulevard de la Constitution in the Outremeuse district. If you like antiques, you will feel completely at home at the Liège antique market. Belgium has many antiques and a rich history. During your holiday in Liège, you can find that history in the museums.

Which museum in Liège Belgium are you going to?

In the Museum of Walloon Life you can take a unique look at the history of Wallonia. The question is answered: in what context can you place Walloons as an international citizen? Furthermore, society, religion and various important events in the history of Wallonia are discussed.

A lesser known, but definitely not to be missed museum in Liège, Belgium is the Cabinet des Estampes et des Dessins, in Dutch: the Print and Drawing Cabinet of Liège. The museum is full of old drawings and prints and it is therefore very special to see the handmade drawings that date from the period between the 15th and 19th centuries. During the Liège holiday it is also nice to Museum Grand Curtius to visit. The museum is located in a beautiful villa on the water. In addition to local art, you will also find objects from all over the world here.

Go for a weekend away in Liège, Belgium

Now that you know the best activities you can do during a weekend trip to Liège, Belgium, you are probably curious about nice accommodations to spend the night in Liège. Scroll back up and check them all out!

The province of Liège has a lot to offer. First of all, it has a lot of greenery, with the Ardennes and the two nature reserves as spearheads. The city of Liège also has plenty of options in the cultural field. In addition to the three featured museums, there are many more. In short, a Liège holiday offers something for everyone, with many different activities that you can do.

By public transport to Liège

  1. NS International: Within three hours you are already in the capital of the province. From Maastricht there is a direct connection to Liege-Guillemins station. The station is one of the many attractions in the area. It is without a doubt the most beautiful station in the Ardennes! Through NS International you can plan and book your trip!
  2. Interrail: Via Interrail you can discover the whole Of the Ardennes by train. Various international connections make Liège an ideal province to visit with the Interrail Pass.
  3. Flixbus: FlixBus is the ideal option for someone who wants to travel cheaply and environmentally consciously. Today, society has connections throughout Europe. From Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, and Maastricht there are direct buses to Liège. FlixBus is the example that sustainable does not have to be expensive!

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