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Bruges – known for its chocolate, canals and lace – is the capital of the Belgian province of West Flanders. In the city you will find several museums, including even a chocolate museum. The historic center has been included on the UNESCO World Heritage List as the medieval city. A weekend in Bruges or a visit to West Flanders is therefore highly recommended!

The best accommodations


€ 163

per night

West Flanders
Here in Koksijde you can Glamp. Glamping is luxury camping, because in the tent there is a kitchen, bathroom and there are bedrooms. From the tent you can enjoy the sunset every night. You could grab a bike to go to the beach or explore the area.


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West Flanders
With this vacation home in Ypres you will go all the way back in time. You live in this cottage like 100 years ago. From the cottage you can enjoy a beautiful nature by taking a nice walk, for example.
West Flanders
This b&b has a rooftop terrace with beautiful views of the countryside. There are several hiking and biking trails nearby. The cottage is in an environment where you can completely unwind and so you can enjoy your weekend or vacation away.


€ 62.14

per night

Because of the old style in this cottage in Wingene, there is a cozy atmosphere. The wood stove present in the cottage will keep you warm in the cold days. The area around the cottage is very green so nature lovers are in the right place here! Nearby you have a forest where you can hike and bike.


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per night

West Flanders
This vacation home in Houtave is modernly furnished. Outside is a sauna and a hot tub where you can drift away into the beautiful surrounding nature. In this surrounded nature you can also go for beautiful walks and bike rides. Do you still prefer to stay at the accommodation? Even then you don’t have to be bored! In the barn there is a table tennis and a soccer table where you can have fun for hours.

What to do in Bruges?

Visit this unique part of Belgium

Are you going to discover Bruges for a weekend and are you curious about what to do in Bruges? Take a historical walking tour through the city and learn about Bruges’ storied past. A local guide can tell you all the interesting facts and stories of life in medieval Bruges. After your tour, stop by Sanseveria Bagelsalon. Here you can enjoy a hot breakfast, brunch and lunch in a vintage living room.

Don’t want to watch your calories during your holiday in Bruges? Get delicious sweet potato fries including vegan sauces, burgers or beef stew at Frituur Royaal. This chip shop has been known in Bruges and the surrounding area for years as a mecca for vegans. Eat your obtained chip shop at, for example, the beating heart of Bruges. On the market you can admire the Provincial Court with its large numbers of colorful and stepped gables.

If you love chocolate, the Choco-Story museum in Bruges is the perfect day trip. Chocolate lovers will enjoy learning about the production of all kinds of products with chocolate, for example truffles, hollow figures and chocolate bars. At the end of the tour you can enjoy local Bruges chocolate. Also, don’t forget to take some chocolate home with you. This way you can enjoy the afterglow after your weekend in Bruges. So plenty to do during your Bruges holiday!

Recovering in West Flanders

Are your kids with you during your visit to West Flanders? Then pay a visit to the small but lovely Mooma. Here dishes are prepared with seasonal products from local suppliers. Children can enjoy themselves here with games, books or puzzles. Pick up vegetables, fruit, herbs or dairy for take-away at the short-chain concept store Zucchini. All products come fresh from the field, directly from the producer. You can also come here for fresh juices and lunches, made from seasonal vegetables.

Get some fresh air at the Knokke beach

Holiday Zeeuws-Vlaanderen coast

Bordering West Flanders is the Zeeuws-Vlaanderen coast: a popular hotspot for beach visitors. There is plenty to do during a Zeeuws-Vlaanderen holiday. The Burgundian Zeeuws-Vlaanderen – also spelled Zeeuwsch-Vlaanderen or Zêuws-Vlaonderen – is surrounded by the Western Scheldt and the North Sea and with its extensive beaches is a popular destination for bathers and nature lovers. The province has two important nature reserves: Het Zwin and the Verdronken Land van Saeftinghe.

Once upon a time, the whole of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen was wet and swampy, and small water channels intersected the land. Today there is an open meadow landscape with polders. In many places the meandering creeks still come back. For example, go to the Margarethapolder, where a number of water birds search undisturbed for food. Or pay a visit to the Otheense Creek on the Eiland van de Meijer. Here you will find birds and cows, which forage through the reed beds. Enough nature to make your Zeeuws-Vlaanderen holiday a success.

Resting at the campsite: Knokke

Do you want to go on holiday to the Zeelandic Flanders coast? Knokke beach is one of the best known and most popular seaside resorts in Belgium. It is also nice to know that you can easily reach the beach by train. The seaside resort is about 12 kilometers long and about 70 meters wide on average. You can enjoy the many beach bars and restaurant Knokke. For example, let chef Bart Desmidt cook for you at Nouv Bartholomeus. At this Knokke restaurant, they only cook with pure and version quality products. At the Knokke beach you can also sunbathe or take a walk on the beach, children can play and you can practice water sports.

All ingredients for a holiday in Zeeland Flanders

Can’t get enough of the seaside resort and are you looking for camping Knokke? You will find a motorhome pitch in this place suitable for motorhomes, tents, folding trailers and a motorhome. In addition to the motorhome pitches, there are also various bungalows that can accommodate between 2 and 6 people. It is possible to rent bicycles at various campsites. For example, cycle from ‘t Zwin over the Damse Polders towards the villages of Sluis and Cadzand.

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