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The Ardennes are known for their beautiful nature, and for good reason. Hike through the dense forests, explore the adventurous mountain bike trails or canoe on one of the rivers in the Ardennes. Add to that picturesque cities such as Durbuy, La Roche-en-Ardenne and Arlon and you have all the ingredients for a sustainable Ardennes holiday!

Looking for a unique accommodation in the middle of nature? Or are you looking for tips for a creative holiday in the Ardennes? Everything for your sustainaway to the Belgian Ardennes can be found on this page!

The best accommodations


€ 95.66

per night

Luxembourg (BE)
In this cozy chalet you can relax for a while. Located in the heart of the Ardennes, the cottage has a unique character, ideal for those who are avid cyclists or hikers. Furthermore, the residence is a true off-grid experience. In addition to the phone, other electronic devices are then not to be brought.


€ 104.28

per night

Luxembourg (BE)
In this cozy vacation home you can relax, nearby are several hiking, cycling and mountain biking trails. Furthermore, 200 meters away is the famous brewery Achouffe. In addition, a visit to Beverwaard is also worthwhile.


€ 106.28

per night

Luxembourg (BE)
This very modernly furnished vacation home has everything you can expect from a vacation home. A swimming pool, home cinema, sauna and a beautiful garden. Furthermore, outside there is also a covered terrace where you can enjoy the green landscape in peace.

Curious about Belgian Luxembourg?

Go for a holiday in the Ardennes and discover this province!

When you think of Belgium, you quickly think of the Ardennes. The large nature reserve, located in the southeast of Belgium, is the ideal place to spend a holiday in nature. The area has an area of about twelve thousand square kilometers, of which a small part is located in France. If you depart from Utrecht, you will be in the middle of the Ardennes about 3 hours later. The ideal place for a weekend away in Belgium !

The Ardennes consists of two parts: the High and Low Ardennes. The High Ardennes are located more in the east of Belgium. As the name suggests, this is a more hilly landscape than the Low Ardennes. The heights can reach almost 700 meters. The highest point of the Ardennes is Signal de Botrange, which is 694 meters high. You will also find Baraque de Fraiture in the north of the Belgian province of Luxembourg. With a height of 652 meters you have a beautiful view of the area.

The Low Ardennes are located south-west of the High Ardennes. The landscape is hilly and there are many small rivers meandering.

What to do during the Belgian Ardennes holiday?

Endless options for an active holiday in nature

There are many fun outdoor activities to do during the Belgian Ardennes holiday. The Ardennes are ideal for activities such as cycling, hiking, mountain biking and canoeing. In the Ardennes there are many places where you can rent a mountain bike or kayak. There are also routes throughout the Ardennes for mountain bikers and walkers. That way you won’t be bored for a moment!

You can also do various outdoor activities during your holiday in the Ardennes. In the Ardennes there are several rivers where you can go canoeing and places where you can go rafting with a group. Or go for one of the climbing forests , where you can navigate through the treetops. All fun activities to do during your Ardennes holiday.

What to do in Arlon (Belgium)?

In the Ardennes you will also find the city of Arlon, which is also the capital of the Belgian province of Luxembourg. With just under 30,000 inhabitants, Arlon Belgium is immediately one of the largest cities in the Ardennes. The city is known as Arlon among the Walloons. As you know, Belgium has a bilingual population: both French and Flemish are used. The city of Arlon therefore has French as its official language.

In addition, Arlon is one of the oldest cities in Belgium. You will also find that history in the museums and sights. The most famous museum is the Archaeological Museum in Arlon, Belgium. Special finds from the Roman period are exhibited here. In the city you will also find an old bathhouse from Roman times: the Roman Baths of Arlon, Belgium. In short: an absolute must to visit during the Ardennes holiday.

Plan your weekend away in the Ardennes

Now that you are fully aware of the best activities in the Ardennes and Arlon, it is time to look for the perfect sustainable accommodation. Take a breather during your weekend away in the Ardennes in the green heart of the Benelux. In addition, it is also recommended to visit the city of Arlon (Belgium). Here you can relax while enjoying a snack and a drink.

Creative holiday Ardennes: for a special experience

It is also easy for the creative ones among us to make it a fun and above all creative holiday in the Ardennes. It is easy to relax in the natural environment of the Ardennes. Activities such as painting, sculpting and drawing are perfect for the Ardennes. For example, go to the picturesque town of La Roche-en-Ardenne, located in the heart of the Ardennes. Whether you want to capture the beautiful view of a mountaintop or the sunset, the region is a great source of inspiration for a creative holiday.

Also go on a city break to Liège for a creative holiday in the Ardennes. You can do a “discovery rally” there. How? The rally starts in the library that mapped out the route. There you will receive a questionnaire and a road map and you will be sent into the city to discover the nicest and unusual places. To end the rally, you can make a reservation for lunch in the café of the library. That is an original way to experience a creative holiday in the Ardennes.

Another fun and creative activity is offered by the farm La ferme de la Planche: walking barefoot ! At 3km long you can discover nature in a different way. As surprising as it is, it’s an incredible multi-sensory experience. Between the grains of earth under your feet, the fresh water and the soft grass, this is an experience that really suits a creative holiday in the Ardennes.

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