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Have you always been curious about the places that foreign tourists come to visit in the Netherlands? Or would you rather discover the unique places in our country? We have collected the nicest and most sustainable accommodations and outings in the Netherlands for you. Not a whole trip, but only want to book an accommodation? View the overview of sustainable accommodations. These places use solar energy, separate their waste and are actively committed to operating as environmentally conscious as possible.

Unforgettable overnight stays in the most beautiful places

A green holiday for everyone

Fortunately, in the densely populated Netherlands, there is still plenty of room for a green holiday. The low countries, which are largely below sea level, mainly have cities, extensive polders and forests.

For example, go on a city trip to Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Utrecht: cities that are each unique in its own way. Or choose to enjoy nature in one of the 21 National Parks during a green holiday. The Netherlands has it all!

The Netherlands also has a wide range on a cultural and historical level. Take the many classic windmills, of which there are about 1200 in the Netherlands. Most are in Kinderdijk, but the Zaanse Schans is also definitely worth a visit if you like these typical windmills.

Holiday with a dog in the Netherlands

Would you like to go on holiday with a dog, then that is quite possible in the Netherlands. There are many National Parks, each with its own character. For example, go on holiday with a dog in the Netherlands on the Wadden Islands. Due to the special nature and biodiversity of the islands, they are on the list of the UNESCO World Heritage . The islands have a unique atmosphere and are therefore a nice trip to make during a green holiday! It can also be very nice to follow a (separate) workshop with your dog. Such as a supping workshop or a mini first aid course.

Alone on holiday in the Netherlands

Do you really want to relax during a green holiday? Then choose to go on holiday in the Netherlands alone. For example, go for a spot along the long coastline of the Netherlands, where you can get a breath of fresh air. It is of course also possible to make it an active holiday on your own. You can visit a museum, such as the impressive museum about Anne Frank. If you are on holiday in the Netherlands with young children, visit the Miffy museum. This museum is specially designed for children and is definitely worth a visit.

Nice holiday places in the Netherlands

Do you want to catch your breath in Friesland during a green holiday? Or would you rather go for an active holiday in North Holland ? There are many great holiday spots in the Netherlands! In North Holland, for example, you can also seek out nature in addition to city trips to Amsterdam, Alkmaar or Haarlem. The Veluwe is also a nice place for a green holiday. When you book a holiday near the Veluwe nature reserve, there are several beautiful mountain bike, bicycle and walking routes to take so that you don’t get bored. Looking for something spectacular? Go on an excursion and spot red deer, wild boar, Scottish highlanders, foxes and roe deer: the big five of the Veluwe!

Special holiday in the Netherlands

A weekend back to basics together in Dutch nature or would you rather discover the nicest villages?

There are several places that can make your green holiday extra special. For example, you can choose the region in North Holland with the impressive endless rows of tulip fields. You can experience a special holiday in the Netherlands between Petten and Den Helder. It is recommended to take a long walk or cycle along the fields.

There are countless other trips that can make your holiday special. Take Bataviastad, for example. The Bataviawerf is located near Lelystad and gives you a unique look back in time. It has an exhibition with several old ships. There are also various interactive activities for young and old. Such as tying knots, a cruise on a ship and making rope. You make your own skipping rope.

Another type of special holiday in the Netherlands is to completely withdraw into nature. Go off grid and opt for a weekend without internet and the hustle and bustle of the city. More and more people appreciate this to really relax. Book a self-sufficient cottage in the middle of nature, or pack your camping gear and go back to basics during your green holiday!

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