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Plan your sustainable holiday in Flevoland

The province of Flevoland only existed since 1986 and has more than 431,488 inhabitants. With its unique heritage, cutting-edge landscape art and vibrant amateur life, Flevoland offers a wide range. Wherever you are within the province, there is water all around you. Especially if you like water sports, a holiday in Flevoland is highly recommended.

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Lelystad, The Netherlands,
Overnight stay in this tiny house is a unique experience! It is located in the middle of the dunes and overlooks the water, what more could you want? During your stay you are immediately in beautiful nature to walk or cycle!

A sustainable holiday Flevoland?

5x sustainable activities to do

Flevoland is a province located in the middle of the Netherlands. The capital is Lelystad. Flevoland is the youngest of the twelve provinces. Due to the reclamation of parts of the former Zuiderzee, the Noordoostpolder and the Flevopolder were created, and with them also Flevoland. Are you going on holiday to the youngest province of the Netherlands? Here you can read the top 5 sustainable activities to do during your Flevoland holiday.

SUP at Watersportcenter Eemhof

Are you going on holiday in Flevoland and are you crazy about water sports? Then supping is really something for you. Stand up paddle surfing stands for stand up paddle surfing and is a fast-growing trend on the water. You propel yourself while standing on a surfboard, using a long paddle. This sport can be practiced both on flat water and in the waves.

If you want to rent a sup in Flevoland, you can go to Watersportcenter Eemhof. You will find Eemhof at Slingerweg 7C. Here you can rent a sup board including paddle and wetsuit!

Visit thrift store Beer and Bo

During your sustainable Flevoland holiday, a visit to the thrift shop cannot be missed. Beer en Bo is a concept store located in Harderwijk at 16 Donkerstraat. Sustainability is paramount at Beer en Bo. This is reflected in the beautiful second-hand branded clothing that is sold for children and women. All products have a good story.

Have lunch or dinner at Luigi's

Are you going to the Flevoland holiday region of Harderwijk? Then have lunch or dinner at Luigi‘s in Harderwijk with Truida and Johan. You can find Luigi’s at the Market 3. You will be served in a warm and personal way by the staff. All dishes served are homemade with fresh local produce. Even the biscuit with the coffee. Ideal if you like a sustainable Flevoland holiday.

Visit the Oostvaardersplassen

Do you love to visit nature reserves during your holiday in Flevoland? Then visit perhaps the most famous nature reserve in the region: the Oostvaardersplassen. Here you will find reed plains, rough grass edges, a forest and various ponds. In addition, you can also encounter different animal species during your route, such as deer, foxes, hares and bats. This combination of nature makes the Oostvaardersplassen a unique area.

When you are in the Flevoland holiday region Lelystad, it is easiest to park at Kitsweg 1, Knardijk or Buizerdweg in Lelystad.

Rent an e-bike

Are you going on a sustainable holiday in Flevoland? With an e-bike you can cycle long trips thanks to the pedal support. This smaller motor helps you with a quiet range of between 60 and 140 kilometers of pedal assistance. With this you can easily cycle about 25 kilometers per hour.

When you are on a holiday in Lelystad, everything is close by. Cities such as Almere, Dronten, Enkhuizen and Urk are surrounded by the province of Flevoland. You can rent an e-bike for about 25 euros a day Rent-a-Bike Lelystad

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