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The best places to stay in Namur Belgium

Although Namur (Belgium) is not one of the most famous places in Belgium, it is more than worth a visit! 

The city of Namur is surrounded by water and is therefore not only a cozy place in winter, but also a perfect base in summer. In the province you will also find beautiful nature and even castles!

Read on this page everything about a holiday in this beautiful Belgian environment. 

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The best places to stay in Namur (Belgium)


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Curious about Namur?

View the best sights in Namur

Namur, the French name for the Belgian city and province of Namur, is located in Wallonia, the French-speaking part of Belgium. The city has a rich history. The first traces of humans, for example, date from 8000 BC. The origin of the city, however, lies a lot later between the 6th and 8th century.

The city of Namur, Belgium is the capital of the province of the same name. During a Namur holiday there are plenty of fun activities to do, both in the city and in the province. There is a wide range of museums, but during the Namur holiday there is also room to seek out nature. The beautiful nature reserve Parc de Furfooz is located in the south of the province. In addition to caves, you will also find remains of a Roman fortress in this park.

Every year (since 1411) a very special competition is held in the city of Namur. The inhabitants of the ‘old’ city take on the inhabitants of the ‘new’ city, they go on stilts. Today, you can still attend these matches. Definitely a unique event that you will not find in other cities!

What are the attractions in Namur (Belgium)?

The province in

In the south of Belgium you have several castles. Here you will find some of the various special sights in Namur. In the province you will find the Château royal de Ciergnon, in Dutch: the Royal Castle of Ciergnon. The castle is located in the Ardennes. Not only is it a prominent building, it also has a prominent purpose. It serves as the country residence of the royal family of Belgium. In the town of Rochefort you have the remains of the Castle of the Counts of Rochefort. It is ideal to visit this before or after visiting the caves of Lorette-Rochefort.

Visit the exciting caves of Namur (Belgium)

You can also make it an active holiday in Namur by visiting one of the caves. Near the town of Rochefort are the caves of Lorette-Rochefort, which consists of six ‘halls’. The largest hall is about 35 meters high and 65 meters underground. The well-known stalactite can be seen in the caves, which provides the typical cave vibe. A stone’s throw from Rochfort you will find the caves of Han. A small part of the cave can be visited for a fee. Centrally located in the province you will find the cave of Dinant La Merveilleuse. The cave was found by accident during the construction of a track in the early 20th century. The cave has a total size of 850 meters, a large part of this is available to the public, about 650 meters.

Enjoy cycling in Namur, Belgium

The province has a lot of greenery, which offers ideal conditions for cycling in Namur. Whether you are a fanatic mountain biker or want to cycle a quiet round. The best cycling routes are already available for you online. The routes vary between 20 and 150 kilometers, so there is a nice route available for every bicycle.

Sightseeing names: downtown

During your holiday Namur there are several places to visit. In the city of Namur you have the historic Citadel of Namur. A citadel has been built on a rock in special ways, you can visit it for a fee. There are, among other things, an exhibition, underground passages and a garden. The citadel was inhabited by the Count of Namur from the 10th century to the 15th century. There are plenty of sights!

During your holiday in Namur, the Cathedral of Saint-Aubain should not be missed. The cathedral, which was built in the 18th century, has a unique, fairly modern, sleek style that makes it a beautiful cathedral to see from the outside, but especially from the inside.

During your holiday in Namur, it should not be missed, a visit to a museum! There is a wide range of museums in the city of Namur and throughout the province. The Egypt Museum is one of the most notable. The museum examines the existence of the ancient Egyptians.

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