Surrounded by water in the youngest province

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Flevoland is the youngest province of the Netherlands and has only existed since 1986. Wherever you are in this province, you are almost always surrounded by water. Do you like swimming, canoeing or other water sports? Then you cannot skip a visit to Flevoland!

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Lelystad, The Netherlands,
Overnight stay in this tiny house is a unique experience! It is located in the middle of the dunes and overlooks the water, what more could you want? During your stay you are immediately in beautiful nature to walk or cycle!

Weekend away on the water?

Come spend the night in Flevoland and discover the secrets of the youngest province

Flevoland is also one of the Dutch provinces where the beautiful nature will probably surprise you. Although the province is partly man-made, nature has completely gone its own way. You have probably heard of the Marker Wadden, the Oostvaardersplassen or the Lepelaarplassen. Flevoland may be the youngest province, but it certainly doesn’t lack nature! Do you want to alternate nature with a visit to the city? Then you can go to Almere or Lelystad, but of course also to one of the smaller villages in the province.

Spend the night in Flevoland

The province

The Dutch Flevopolder is the largest artificial island in the world. The area was created by human hands and was reclaimed between 1950 and 1968. This makes it a unique piece of land, not only in the Netherlands, but throughout the world. This makes for a special overnight stay in Flevoland.

Flevoland is also known for its unfinished construction projects. For example, Lelystad Zuid station was built in 1988. However, when it turned out that Lelystad would not grow as quickly as expected, further construction was halted. In 2016, part of the station was demolished and it was renamed ‘ghost station’ Lelystad Zuid. Similar situations occurred at Almere Castle and the village of Larsen. They all have their own Wikipedia page that shows the ‘independence’ of the projects. Columnist Romana Abels calls Flevoland ‘the land of unfulfilled dreams’. This is not quite the case for photographers or fans of abandoned buildings, for them Flevoland is a dream that may only now be fulfilled.

Overnight stay in Almere

Spending the night in Almere offers a good base for your visit to Flevoland. From here you are not only within an hour in the center of Amsterdam, but you are also in no time in the various national parks and nature reserves. In Almere you will also find an escape room (fun to do with family or friends), you can sail through the water with a boat, or you can visit the city farm for local products. So spend the night in Almere!

Spend the night in Lelystad

Lelystad can be found directly at the end of the Afsluitdijk. Staying overnight Lelystad is therefore perfect if you like to spend your days close to the water. You will find the famous Batavia ship, the aviation museum and an escape room here.

Marker Wadden

The Marker Wadden are also a piece of nature made of human hands. In the Marker Wadden you will find several natural islands that have a large population of birds. The untouched nature offers a paradise for many different bird species. The Marker Wadden is an attempt to bring nature back to life in the Markeermeer by constructing various islands. The first island is therefore still very young, and was only ready in 2016!


The Oostvaardersplassen is perhaps the most famous nature reserve in this region. The lakes are located south of Almere. In the large swamp area you will find reed plains, rugged grasslands, ponds and forest. This combination makes it a unique place to visit. Not only the nature is beautiful, the animal species that you will find there are also breathtaking. You can spot deer, foxes, hares and bats. By staying overnight in Flevoland you can completely relax in this piece of nature.

Places to stay in Flevoland

If you decide to spend the night in Flevoland, an overnight stay near the water is not to be missed. This way you experience everything this province has to offer, and you can see nature when it is at its best: before dawn.

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