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Discover the pleasant North Brabant?

Come spend the night in North Brabant and discover the entire province!

The province of sausage rolls and carnival, North Brabant. What does cozy North Brabant have to offer? While staying overnight in North Brabant, there are several nice trips you can make. Think of a city trip to one of the four major cities: Eindhoven, Tilburg, Breda and ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Each city has its own character which ensures that no trip is the same. If you prefer to relax in nature, staying overnight in North Brabant is also a good option. The province has no fewer than four national parks, which are spread across the entire province.

Spend the night in North Brabant

While staying overnight in North Brabant, you can visit Safari Park Beekse Bergen, where you can admire 100 different animal species. At the Beekse Bergen Safari Park you can, as the name suggests, take a safari tour by car, boat, bus or on foot. The animals can then be seen up close. A tip: don’t get out of the car!

Looking for more entertainment? Then go on a fairytale adventure in the third largest theme park in Europe: the Efteling! The park had 5.2 million visitors in 2019 and can be found in Kaatsheuvel in Brabant. If you want to spend the night in North Brabant, you can even choose to do this in the Efteling.

Overnight stay in North Brabant: city trips


Innovative Eindhoven is definitely worth a visit. The city owes its growth to Philips and other factories and has since become a modern city. There is always something to experience. Curious about the latest fashion trends? In mid-October, Eindhoven is completely dominated by the Dutch Design Week. Do you prefer to grab the first best piece of clothing in the morning and put it on? Then it is an alternative to go into the center, view the modern 18 Septemberplein and then have a drink at one of the many terraces.


When staying overnight in North Brabant, the cozy and atmospheric Breda is something that should be on your to-do list. The city, which is completely turned upside down during Carnival, is also fun every other weekend. It has special sights such as the Blind Walls Gallery. This is an art project where more than eighty murals have been created by artists from all over the world. By walking along these different places inside and outside the center you will discover what is going on in the city. Moreover, it gives you perspective on the past. Breda is a city with a lot of nature around it. During your city trip you can easily take a trip to the Mastbos. From the center you can walk there in about thirty minutes!


While staying overnight in North Brabant, visit the city that was known as a textile city in the 19th century: Tilburg. Tilburg is now known for other things, such as the 10-day fair in July. The fair, which dates from 1567, is the largest in the Benelux. All the flashing lights and exciting attractions can be admired for 10 days in both the city center and just outside it.

Den Bosch

‘s-Hertogenbosch, also known as Den Bosch, is the fourth largest city in North Brabant. ‘s-Hertogenbosch or ‘des dukes bos’ literally means the forest of the (Brabant) duke. Experts assume that Den Bosch was a large forest before it was a city. Unfortunately, you don’t notice that anymore in the center. Instead, there is now a historic center with beautiful canals to admire. It is therefore recommended to take a tour through these canals. The tour shows you the most beautiful places in Den Bosch. While staying overnight in North Brabant, you should also visit one of the many Catholic churches. For example, in Den Bosch you will find the large and beautiful St. John’s Cathedral, which is definitely worth a visit.

Outings during overnight stays in Brabant

For football fans there are plenty of matches to visit in the overnight stay in Brabant. There are no fewer than eight professional clubs in North Brabant, which ensures that there is always a match to visit. When the football fans are into football, it might be fun for the ‘non-football fans’ to shop at a high discount while staying overnight in North Brabant. In Roosendaal you will find the Designer Outlet Rosada with more than 80 outlets of different brands.

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