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Sustainable holiday in Zeeland?

Zeeland is the least inhabited province of the Netherlands, it counts 385,379 inhabitants. However, it can be very busy in the summer, with holidaymakers from all over the country, but also from Germany. A holiday in Zeeland owes its popularity to the beaches and cozy cities. Where in Zeeland are you going to get some fresh air?

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The best activities in Zeeland

Kite buggying Zeeland


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Have you done blokarting before and do you want to challenge yourself a little more? Then choose kite buggying: the more difficult sister of blokarting. Just like with kitesurfing, you use a large kite. The wind pushes the kite and the buggy you’re in is pushed forward! Thanks to the high speed you achieve, this activity is highly recommended for adrenaline junkies!

Beach sailing


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Zeeland, South-Holland
Always wanted to literally throw yourself in the wind? And experience how to stay upright while you drop yourself completely? Then go blokarting! During blokarting, also called beach sailing, you use the force of the wind and let yourself be blown forward in a sailboat. Contrary to what you might expect, beach sailing is very easy to learn and you drive away yourself after a short explanation!

Discover the southwest of the Netherlands?

Go on holiday in Zeeland and discover the beautiful coast!

Did you know that Zeeland has the most hours of sunshine on average? Due to its location on the open sea, the province is less affected by cumulus clouds than the rest of the Netherlands. This way you can quickly grab a sunny weekend when you are on holiday in Zeeland!

Don’t forget to eat a Zeeland Bolus during your visit to Zeeland! The bolus is a remnant of Portuguese Jews who lived in Zeeland in the middle of the 17th century. They laid the foundation for the Zeeland bolus that we know today.

Sustainable holiday in Zeeland

A sustainable holiday in Zeeland is also possible. There are various sustainable accommodations to spend the night in Zeeland. There are also various sustainable trips that you can make in Zeeland. For example, a very cool activity to sail on the water with a sailboat and watch the sunset there. You can also spot seals in the Voordelta, an area between the province of Zeeland and South Holland. The seals often come here because the water is very clean. Furthermore, the animals can enjoy the sun on dry plants here.

Trips when you are on holiday in Zeeland

When you are on holiday in Zeeland, the following trips are not to be missed! Zeeland has previously had to deal with various flood disasters. The last major flood disaster dates back to 1953. Zeeland was the worst hit at the time. During a holiday in Zeeland you can go back in time and learn more about this disaster. The Flood Museum offers this possibility. Our country is currently protected by the Delta Works. It took decades to build these, but they are now (thankfully) finished. These two trips are uniquely linked to Zeeland.

Windsurfing is also a great outing for sports enthusiasts. For example, you can take lessons at the oldest windsurfing school in the Netherlands: Thijs Surfschool. The windsurfing lessons are given on the Veerse Meer, which was created by the construction of the Delta Works! This water is characterized by the bright blue color. For people who prefer to relax, it is possible to visit various sunbathing areas and nature reserves at the Veerse Meer. You can also swim in the lake. In short: there is plenty to do during a holiday in Zeeland.

Luxury holiday Zeeland

Enjoying the sea: you can hardly go wrong during a luxury holiday in Zeeland. Zeeland has several places where you can have a drink on the beach, and then stroll along the boulevard. Take the beaches of Vlissingen, Domburg, Renesse and Cadzand, which are always packed in the summer. It is therefore advisable to take a day at the beach with summer weather. Not nice weather? Don’t worry, it’s also nice to take a walk or bike ride along the beach during a luxury holiday in Zeeland.

Although Zeeland has no really big cities, there are plenty of places that are worth visiting. The cities of Middelburg, Goes and Vlissingen all have beautiful centers with beautiful facades.

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